This was a three year old Line-EX installed bed liner before applying the Bed liner CPR application. CPR restored this two year old bed liner back to it's original appearance. This truck used for everything from hauling, hunting and camping was a real test for Bed liner CPR and it passed the test with flawless result. Easy to apply and professional results! One bottle does the job.

Available in 8 ounce bottles or by the case

The look of a new spray-in liner.



This product is not intended for use on any other surfaces or plastics.

Compatible with all black spray-on bed liners. Wash bed liner with soap and water and let dry before applying. Apply in small amounts, evenly spreading a thin layer on the surface. Dry to touch in minutes. No residue.

If you are a truck owner chances are you have a spray in bed liner installed on the bed of your truck. The one big complain is the color fades and then the appearance is compromised even though the actual surface of the liner has not changed. The fading causes the surface to look used and faded but in all actuality the surface has not changed and just needs the Bed liner CPR to restore the original look, texture and luster of the urethane bed liner. Live no longer with an old used look of a faded bed liner and purchase our Bed liner CPR. You will not be disappointing! 

Easy To Apply

This product is unlike many others on the market today, and why it works so effectively bringing back the appearance of a new bed liner. 

"Just apply and watch your bed liner come back to life"

Impact Bedliner CPR  

Coatings Formula's 

  • Hazmat Encapsulations 
  • Metal & Concrete Erosion Control 
  • Abrasion Resistant Coatings 
  • Seamless Flooring Systems 
  • Under Carriage Liners 
  • Corrosion Barriers 
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Irrigation Ditches
  • Truck Bedliners
  • Silo Coating
  • Concrete Tanks
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Truck Enthusiast
looking to bring back the luster of a new spray-in bed Liner.

All bed liners fade but you don't have to live with the results of UV aging. 

If you're the owner of a truck with a faded bed liner and looking to resuscitate the appearance of a used bed liner, BEDLINER CPR is a must. 
in the 8 ounce bottle or by the case of 12


IPM Transfer Pumps

PMC GHO high output transfer pump


  • Check valves designed for maximum gun block performance

  • Purge air check valve to prevent chemical from entering the air passages of the gun

  • Advanced design for pattern development and mixing

  • Separate hardened pattern control tip (PCT) with adhesion resistant coating and series of air passages for tip blow-off

  • Consistent pattern configurations and immediate spray pattern development

  • Full range of Round and Flat tip PCTs available to fill your specific spray requirements

  • Blaster Tip designed to spray a stream up to 15’

  • Pour tip and other custom configurations

  • Ability to have different handle configurations

  • Simple dis-assembly and maintenance with easy access to internal parts

  • Adhesion resistant gun finish to minimize foam and coatings buildup on gun body

  • Modular construction consisting of a separate handle, trigger air manifold and air cylinder body

  • Unique PMC designed 180° Rotational Head

  • Coupling block for quick, clean removal of gun from proportioner hoses 

​Weighing a mere 2.1 lbs (w/out the coupling block), the compact AP-2 Spray Gun is nearly a pound less than other spray guns on the market. The very short stroke makes the gun extremely responsive. The pattern and forward velocity is such that you can spray very

The "AP-2" Air Purge Gun:

PMC Line of Coatings Proportioners

  • PHX-40 Classic hydraulic; high pressure coating
  • PHX-25 Classic hydraulic; high pressure coatings
  • PHX-20; hydraulic; coatings (low output)
  • PAX-25 pneumatic; high pressure coatings
  • PMCA-20-2400; Classic pneumatic machine, high pressure coatings

The innovative features of the AP-2 Spray Gun include:

  • Lightweight, compact design
  • ​Short trigger stroke to reduce operator fatigue

Access our PMC equipment page to learn more about the leader of plural component technology, and to download PDF brochures for Impact Polyurethane Chemicals protective coatings machines and chemical uses in protecting substrates in many industrial applications including spray on bed lining and oilfield jobs.

Protective coatings:

Protective Coatings Utilizing PMC Machines, and IPM Pumps

We provide a large selection of protective coatings to customers throughout the country.  We offer systems for practically every urethane coating application. From spray applied polyurethane coating, hybrid coating for truck spray-in bed lining to polyurea coating for industrial and roofing applications. Give us a call for product information and pricing.

PMC high pressure spray machines for truck bed liners, industrial and commercial applications.The new PH "Classic" machines utilizes relay logic technology; no motherboard technology. PMC philosophy is going "Back to Basics"  with designs on the new GH-25 & GH-40 hydraulic machines.